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This is just one of the  hobbies for John and Adrian Hamilton.We sell our honey from our front door. We also use some of our surplus to make mead for our personal use. This year we are attempting to expand number of hives and enter the queen rearing side. Most of our expansion has been from swarm collection and colony extractions. I wonder how people make a living doing this since it appears that we always spend a lot more than we make. But, I do believe it is a cheaper hobby than golf.

Beekeeping Services:

  • We sell our honey in pint and quart mason jars, nothing fancy. We sometimes also have small 8 oz plastic honey bears.

  • We will collect new honey bee swarms. These are the basketball sized clusters of bees that can be found hanging from tree branches. Others object also serve from which the cluster may hang. Depending upon the distance that we have to travel there may be a small fee for this service to cover gasoline cost. The swarm will be placed into a standard bee hive and relocated to our apiary.

  • We do bee extractions. This is where the bees have moved into a structure and formed a permanent colony. This service requires an initial evaluation of colony location in the structure, building construction properties. In most cases there will be a nominal fee charged for this initial evaluation. If the extraction service is contracted, we apply this fee to the total extraction cost. In ost cases we are able to remove 99 % of the bees, all honey comb, honey and bee brood. The comb, brood and bees are placed into a bee hive and all are relocated to our apiary.

  • We raise queen bees for sale to local beekeepers in the Northern and Mid-Eastern part of Virginia. The numbers are fairly limited and availability is usually form first of Jun to mid September. The strain of breeder queen varies from year to year.

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