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Place Name - Hambledon, England

Hamilton Dress Red Tartan Taking the name of a town in England, a Norman named Walter FitzGilbert de Hambeldon (some places spelled de Hamildon and others de Homildon), moved to Renfrewshire. It was Walter's son David, by some accounts, that first spelled his name in the modern form. Other accounts credit his grandsons as the first to adopt the modern spelling. In any case, the spelling of names has taken many different forms over the ages, even into more modern times.

As primarily a lowland family, the Hamiltons do not have associated family names, or 'septs' as they are called by some, as a number of the Highland Clans do. Therefore, only persons named Hamilton, or descendents thereof, are considered to be a part of the Hamilton clan family. However, there are a number of common spelling derivations of the name Hamilton that are accepted. These include: Hameldon, Hamildune, Hamildone, Hameldone, Hamiltun, Hamiltune, Hamildone, Hambledon, Hamblenden, Hambeden, Hambeldene, Hameledene, Hamelden, Hamilden, Hameldon, Hamelton, Hambleton, Hamilton and others, of the last spelling mentioned is that most generally accepted in American today, while those immediately preceding it is also occasionally found. US census data shows same family with changes in spelling within a 10 year period. This occurs due to census enumerator using personal preference in recording. There are even examples of a single legal document (land deed) that uses the different spellings within the same document.

The Clan Hamilton Society recognizes three families at the present time
that we know were closely associated with the Hamiltons:

The Cadzows
The Brownlees
The Leepers/Leipers

We have researched others such as the Coulters but so far have come up

Hamilton Dress Red Tartan

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