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** As primarily a Scottish lowland family, the Hamiltons do not have associated family names (other than the three listed below), or 'septs' as they are called by some, as a number of the Highland Clans do. Therefore, only persons named Hamilton, or descendents thereof, are considered to be a part of the Hamilton clan family. However, there are a number of common spelling derivations of the name Hamilton that are accepted. These include: Hameldon, Hamildune, Hamildone, Hameldone, Hamiltun, Hamiltune, Hamildone, Hambledon, Hamblenden, Hambeden, Hambeldene, Hameledene, Hamelden, Hamilden, Hameldon, Hamelton, Hambleton, and Hamilton. The Clan Hamilton Society does recognize three families at the present time that we know were closely associated with the Hamilton Clan:

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